3 Tips for Saving Money While Moving Interstate

Posted on: 29 April 2019


Are you feeling overwhelmed and confused about your approaching moving date? If you are, then you are not alone. Moving interstate is not a walk in the park, and most people get overwhelmed with the entire process. As such, mistakes are a common occurrence during interstate moving. For instance, if you wait longer than is necessary to book removal services you might end up with a bigger moving truck, thereby paying for space that you do not need. Keeping costs low should be your priority as you prepare to move. This article highlights money-saving tricks and tips for moving interstate.

Backloading -- With rising fuel costs, long-distance professional removal companies have realised that they need to be smart to save on fuel costs and optimise truck space. Therefore, some removal service providers are offering backloading services to achieve such efficiency. Backloading service gives clients a chance to share truck space. Since you only pay for the area that your belongings occupy, the entire payable amount is reduced significantly. However, it is vital to note that backloading only works well if you do not have many items. Notably, backloading is the preferred means of moving if you have a room's worth of belongings.

Declutter -- Professional removal companies use volume as the primary price determinant. Therefore, the fewer items you have, the lower your removal costs. When moving, most people do not bother to go through all their belongings to ascertain usability. Therefore, most individuals end up packing and loading belongings that will not be needed in the new space. The approach does nothing but increases your moving costs. It is for this reason that professional removalists advise movers to go through every item in their home to determine importance. The rule of thumb is to ask yourself if you have used an item in the past year or whether an item has sentimental value to you. If an item does not fulfil the criterion, then it has no business accompanying your other belongings to your new place.

Collect Enough Packing Materials -- A common misconception among movers is that professional removal service providers offer packing materials for free. No, they do not. If you do not have enough packing materials, then your removalist will provide you with some but for an extra charge. Therefore, start collecting packing materials in good time so that you have more than enough for your needs. Moreover, you can get these materials for free — from cardboard boxes to cushioning materials — from the local stores thus driving your moving costs low.

If you're planning an interstate move, then talk to a professional removal company about backloading and packing materials and declutter your space.