Student Storage Tips: Where to Put Your Stuff During the Holidays

Posted on: 29 October 2018


If your university is a fair way away from home, then it may be too far to drive home and back easily. You may find that it's easier and quicker to fly. While this solves the problem of how you get home to your parents in the holidays, it leaves you with another problem: what do you do with all your stuff?

If you're going home for the summer break and you're between homes at uni until the next semester starts, then you may have a lot of stuff to deal with. If you can't persuade friends to store it for you, you need to find somewhere to keep it. Is self-storage an option for you?

How Self-Storage Works for Students

Self-storage is actually ideal for students. If you have things to store over the holidays, you book space and take your stuff to the site. Once you've loaded your unit, you lock it, take the key and go off to see your parents. When you get back, you pick your stuff up, hand the key back and move into your new place.

Self-storage companies charge on a space basis, which makes this a cost-effective storage option. If you only have a few things, you can just hire a cupboard space; if you have more, or are sharing storage with mates, then you can hire a larger storage shed.

Typically, you'll only need storage for short periods until you return to uni. Again, self-storage works for you here. You aren't tied into contracts, but you simply pay for space as and when you need it.

How Some Self-Storage Works Even Better for Students

If you like an easy life, then some self-storage companies offer additional services just for students. This could make using self-storage to keep your personal belongings even easier than it already is.

For example, some companies will give you some free packing boxes and materials when you book space. They may also offer free pick-up and delivery services for students. If you find these offers, you may get your things in storage without ever having to go to the site.

To find out more about using self-storage sheds as a student, call some local companies and explain what you need. Even if they don't have student deals, they may have other offers for first-time customers that will put a smile on your face before you head home.