3 Important Utilities When Selecting A Food Warehouse

Posted on: 9 January 2018


Unlike most nonperishable goods, food requires unique conditions during storage. This ensures that food items can remain stored for an extended period without going bad. When you are looking for storage for most goods, the main considerations will be getting a space that is secure and dry. However, additional factors have to be assessed when you are selecting a storage space for food. Below are several utilities which have to be present when you are choosing an ideal food warehousing location.


Power plays a critical role in regards to storage of food. This is because power ensures that the air conditioning and refrigeration systems of the warehouse are fully operational. There are two types of food products that are available. These include dry foods such as cereals which are not quickly perishable. The second group consists of items like meat, fish and milk that are highly perishable. When you are seeking for ideal storage for dry foods, it is essential to ensure that there is a working air conditioning system. This will regulate the temperature of the warehouse, which helps to create an ideal environment to store the food. Similarly, when you want to store meat, it is necessary to have power since it is needed for the cold room. You should also ensure that the location has a backup power supply since there can be disruptions in the main power. If you fail to consider this issue, you can suffer significant losses when your food goes bad due to a disruption in the power supply.

Access roads

The storage facility you select should have proper access roads. These should be large enough to accommodate vehicles of different sizes to avoid any problems. It can be very inconvenient for the truck ferrying the food supplies to be unable to access the storage facility because the access roads are too narrow. Take this factor into consideration to ensure that food items can be delivered into and out of the warehouse without any problems. 

Maintenance services

Always ask about the maintenance services offered at a particular facility. Food requires delicate care and cannot be left unattended. An ideal location should have proper maintenance services which ensure that the conditions at the storage facility are in order. Some of the responsibilities of the maintenance personnel include ensuring that the facility is secure, the storage conditions are hygienic and there are no rodents within the warehouse.