Packing Tips for Moving Your Items in to Storage

Posted on: 19 December 2017


So you've decided that you need to move your items into a storage unit. It may be because you're running out of space in your home, you're preparing for a move, or you simply need to separate some stuff from your current items.

Whatever the reason, moving items into storage can be very time consuming if you go about the process without a strategy. Follow these simple tips to pack and move your items into self storage with minimal stress and inconvenience.

Avoid procrastination

If you're planning a move, putting things off until the last minute is a sure way for you to add unnecessary pressure during the packing process. Create a timeline where you can start packing a few weeks before the move.

During this time, explore various storage units and find one that is the right size for all your items. You should also decide what you're going to store in the unit so you can begin packing appropriately.

Pack strategically

When deciding what will go into storage, pack your items according to the room they reside in or the type of item. For example, you may decide to keep all your kitchen appliances in storage for some time. It will be helpful to pack all these items together so you can easily locate them at a future date.

The same idea applies when packing your clothes for the storage unit. You may decide to keep the children's clothes in one box, and yours in a separate one.

Label your boxes

Before moving stuff into storage, make sure all the boxes are properly labeled. Design a labeling strategy to use and make sure you have enough clear and visible labels for all your boxes.

You can label your items by location (such as kitchen, living room, bedroom), or by functionality (such as clothes, shoes, books, etc.). Proper labeling makes for an easier arranging process in the storage unit.

Keep delicate items separate

When planning to move items into storage, make sure all the delicate and fragile items are separated from the rest. This will make it easier for you to exercise caution when handling fragile items within the storage unit.

Maximize available space

Finally, compact your stuff as much as possible when packing. This doesn't mean you should make a mess out of everything. It simply means you shouldn't leave unnecessary spaces in boxes and other packing supplies. This will make moving day proceed much faster, and you can pack your storage unit in a shorter amount of time.