Why Summer is the Perfect Time for Storage

Posted on: 6 November 2017


Storage units are one of those things most people don't realise could benefit them until they get one. They're popular among those moving house, or who just have too much stuff but don't want to get rid of it. If you don't fall into either of these categories, the thought of renting storage may never have crossed your mind.

Summer is the perfect time to change that, with plenty of season-specific uses that will totally change how you view storage. Here are just a few ideas to get you thinking about how renting storage could transform your summer.

Put winter away

Winter involves a lot of things that just aren't useful when the weather warms up. For one, you can take all of your thick, heavy coats and clothing out of your wardrobe and put them into storage until you need them again. Free up space for your summer clothes and get a bit of breathing space by removing some clutter.

Other things that can be put away for a few months are portable heaters, equipment for dealing with snow and ice, and winter sports equipment like skis and ice skates.

Get peace of mind while travelling

Most people take holidays during the summertime, but being away from home can be a worry if you have a lot of expensive items in your home.

Getting a house sitter is one option, but it's easier and more convenient to simply put things in storage. Move televisions, art, antiques and anything else that would be attractive to a thief, and it will be kept locked up and safe until you return to collect it.

Protect delicate items

Items like antique furniture, works of art, even wine collections can be negatively affected by summer heat and humidity. Without investing in expensive equipment, it's not always easy to make sure they're kept protected at home.

Many storage units are climate controlled, so you can move your fragile and delicate possessions into a temperature and humidity regulated room where it will be much safer. When the cooler weather returns, you can bring your items home, or access them whenever you need to in the meantime.

Make summer moving easier

Moving house during the summer is particularly unpleasant, with hard work and long days in the heat really bringing you down. Using a storage unit, you can spread the work and plan more effectively. Just move things to your unit gradually and you won't have to take everything from one house to the next in one go.